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252/2088, Santoshi Vihar, Laxmi Sagar, Bhubaneswar



St.Xavier High School has been sponsored by a society called "st. Xavier Society of Morden Education" since 2004 at Damana, Bhubaneswar and engages young industries members in rigorous academic programs and extracurricular activities that foster respect, honor and service to God's world. In 2007 it got blessing of saint Francis Xavier through Prayer Tower (A unit of Jesus Call) & thus onwards it started a group called Chennai Group or Group of Chennai.In 2013, it got trade mark for its logo & name.




The aim of the institution is to give the pupils an all round education-moral, academic, social and physical comprising lessons. The pupils being over assets of future, they are expected to be groomed in a climate conductive growth aesthetic refinement and that is what we provide.






The defination of a "school of education for civilization" rests upon 2 times, "Education & Civilization". The term "Education" implies "The process of teaching & learning" The term "Civilization" conveys "A society that is well organised & developed". Together the wards embody an essence which would mean learning that suits needs of an enlightened society".So when a Xavirian leaves school after std. X, he/she ready to face the world with a well rounded personality strong value & confidence.






To pursue excellence in all endeavors ensuring that every student of the institute carves a niche for himself in the matrix of life.








St.Xavier High School seeks to develop the gifts and talents of each student through holistic approach based on rigorous academics, arts, competitive, athletic intramural, extracurricular activities. Welcoming students with different learning styles and our programs of study challenge students to grow intellectually and to think critically.




Academic Staff:

The group is proud to have a qualified, experienced and dedicated staff, trained to mould the young minds both in academics & co-curricullar activities. Teachers are carefully selected to mmet the demands of morden technique of teaching in Play, Montessori, Primary & High School level. Wee keep the modes no. of students in each class to ensure indivisuals attention and effective supervision. The relationship between teachers and students does not end with class. Besides regular parents and create a better understanding among all. It gives a new depth to teacher-student-parent relationship.




Before seeking admission for his/her ward in school, the parents/guardians are requested to go trough the various rules given in the school prospectus. Initially admission can be made in classes starting from Play group, Nursery to Std. VII on the basis of verbal/written test and/or interview. Subsequently admission would be mainly confirmed to other existing classes. The school would be raised to class VIII, IX, X, XI, XII level in a phased number. Minimum age of a students for admission to play group would be 2 1/2 yrs on 1st April in the year of admission. They should be toilet trained.


1. Before withdrawing a student from the school a calendar's month's notice in writting is to be given by the parent. A month's fee is to be paid if no notice of withdrawal is given.

2. A transfer certificate will be issued only if the dues have been paid and library books refunded.

3. If a child has been withdrawn, the admission fee must be paid again for re-admission, if so desired.

Fee Rules:

1. Registration fee is to be paid at the time of registration along with application for admission. Admission fee, Activity fees are to paid at the time of admission in full.

2. School fee are payable for full 12 months of the year.

3. Tution fees are other fees can be increased when required.

4. Fee must be paid before 10th of each month. In case of default, a fine of Rs25/- will be charged per month.

5. Fees must be paid by cash only.

6. A child's name may be struck off the school roll for non-payment of the school dues after two months. On payment of the re-admission fees only, the child's name will be enrolled again.

7. Only those pupils who have paid all school fees are permitted to appear at the regular examination. 

8. No fee, once deposited shall be refunded.

School Timing:

Morning Shift : 7.00 A.M to 10.30 A.M.

Day shift     : 10.45 A.M to 4.15 O'clock

Parental Co-Operation:

Parental Co-Operation

In oreder to attain the high standard which the school intends to maintain, the co-operation of the parents is required. The best of School training is seriously crippled unless the contribution by home atmosphere does its part.

1. Parents are kindly requested to study all the rules of the school carefully and abide by them faithfully and also have them observed by their children.

2. Parents and guardians are requested not to wall in to the classroom or interview teachers during school hours. Those who wish to find out the progress of the child will kindly meet teachers concerned with a prior appiontment on saturday from (11.00 A.M. to 11.30 A.M.).

3. Parents are excepted to co-operate in the work of the school by enforcing regularity and discipline, by taking a general intrest in their child's progress.

4. Parents should check the Diary daily and note the teacher's remarks, etc.

5. Complaint, if any may be adressed to the Principal/Head-Mistress directly.

6. Kindly acknowledge all school circular regarding fees, co-curricular programs, parent-teacher meeting and exams, etc. and comply with the instructions given in the same.

7. Parents/Guardians are particularly requested to see the principal and teachers remarks columns in the students diary and do the needful.

8. Please do not take the children out for long holidays during the school working days.

9. Pupils will be granted leave of absence for unavoidable circumstances only if the application is addressed to the principal/class teacher and signed by parent/guardian.


Rules & Discipline:

1. On class days and at school functions children are expected to wear the uniform prescribed.

2. Any kind of damage done within the school premises must be good by the one who does it.

3. Students should not wear ornaments to school.

4. Change of residence and telephone numbers should be notified to the school.

5. No magazines, papers or books other than text books should be brought without the principal's permission.

6. All the students are required to speak in English/Hindi in the school campus.

7. Each student should possess more than one set of uniform to ensure neatness in school.

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Reviews And Comments

Mr. Sachin Sahoo (Yash's Father)

St. Xavier High school is one of the best school at laxmisagar, Bhubaneswar.

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